Training Programs

All of our programs at Impact Sports Performance are customized to meet the exact needs of each athlete.  We begin every program with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the needs, limitations, goals, and current abilities of the athlete.  From there, we create a program to help reach those goals as efficiently and safely as possible, and you begin scheduling your sessions.  Our ease of scheduling is one of the most convenient aspects of our program – you basically get to create your own schedule using our online scheduling platform so that you can set up appointments around your schedule.

Each 90-minute session will include a combination of speed & agility work, plyometrics, mechanics instruction, flexibility/mobility, corrective exercises to enhance weaknesses, and a comprehensive strength training program.  We want you to get the most out of your training, so one of our experienced coaches will be with you for the entire session to ensure you are getting the attention necessary to progress quickly and safely.

Training is either done 1-on-1 or in small groups with a maximum of 6 athletes per session to allow us to customize the programming and instruction for each person.  This is very different than many programs and allows us to make the biggest IMPACT possible on every athlete.

Our programs are paid in monthly installments, and there are no long-term commitments.  You can stop at any time, so we have to earn your trust and business every month.

We offer two main programs: two sessions per week or unlimited sessions.

Of course, we also offer 1-on-1 training and online programming that can be done at your convenience.

Email Impact owner Jim Kielbaso at or call us at 248-907-4520 to get more details and pricing or to set up an evaluation.

You can also email or call to set up the free evaluation so that we can determine your needs and discuss the most appropriate path to reach your goals.

Combine Training

While some athletes choose to mix their training with a vacation in a warm climate, our Combine Prep program in Michigan is all business.  We have everything you need for a great experience, but the most important part of your Combine Prep is RESULTS.  When an athlete needs to perform well at the Combine or Pro Day, and he’s ready to take his training seriously, he trains at Impact Sports Performance. We have combine training down to the finest detail, giving you the opportunity to get the results you want and show NFL scouts the player that you are.  We don’t spend tons of money recruiting athletes or creating fancy marketing campaigns.  Instead, we focus our efforts on our clients.  Athletes train with us for RESULTS and our word-of-mouth reputation from...

ACL Bridge – Return-to-Play Program

ACL tears can be one of the most difficult injuries to come back from and female athletes are at a risk 3-4 times higher than males.  This injury causes a lot of heartache for athletes and their families.  Fortunately, we have been there to help hundreds of athletes successfully return to their sport after ACL reconstruction, and we can help you too. The ACL Bridge Program is designed to provide a safe intervention for ACL patients transitioning from traditional physical therapy around 12-16 weeks post-operative. Impact Sports Performance has had tremendous success in getting athletes back to 100% competitive play after going through this program. When physical therapy is complete, most athletes are still not ready to fully return to sport. This program will get you there! It bridges the…

Hockey Performance Training

Hockey Players will benefit from our training programs in numerous ways – improve first-step power, increase power output on every stride, enhance balance, coordination and overall athleticism, improve total-body strength, maximize hockey-specific fitness. Our hockey training programs will give you an edge on the ice by becoming the best athlete you can be.

Volleyball Performance Training

Volleyball players have to be explosive, quick, and agile on the court. Our programs include agility work and a variety of plyometric training including box jumps, medicine ball throws, Verti-max training, and multi-directional footwork drills. In addition to working on jumping height, we also improve rotational power to increase hitting speed and efficiency. Shoulder health is important to volleyball players, so we include a routine to reduce the risk of injury. A complete strength & power program is also utilized for most volleyball players, giving them the strength they need to move, jump, and hit effectively.

Track and Field Performance Training

Impact Sports Performance is the ultimate program for track/field athletes and distance runners. We focus on increasing speed, power, hip strength, aerobic endurance, and most importantly, improving running technique and starts. During the training sessions track athletes will focus most of their time on our high speed treadmill, running mechanics, and power development. During treadmill workouts, we are able to focus on technique as well as working on increasing stride length and frequency. Correct technique allows runners to decrease their times, decrease the energy they use while running, and decrease the risk of overuse injuries. Simple things like running on the balls of your feet or correcting bad habits with arm swing could be just what you need in order to decrease your times. We utilize incline running which forces…

Tennis Performance Training

Speed, quickness, and agility on the court are paramount for tennis players, so our programs focus on these physical traits. Agility drills, speed development, deceleration enhancement and rotational power are emphasized in most tennis programs. The individualized strength training program focuses on wrist and shoulder strengthening and other exercises that help prevent tennis elbow and other injuries in addition to a complete core, lower body and rotational power program.

Soccer Performance Training

Our Soccer program focuses on footwork, speed, quickness, conditioning and body control. Increasing explosive power, muscular endurance and agility allow soccer players to win 50-50 balls and make plays they never made before. Our soccer-specific strength programs also help keep athletes healthy and prevent injuries. Rotational work, core strength, single-leg power, and hip mobility are addressed with every soccer player. Our evaluation will help determine which areas to target so that the program is as individualized as possible in an effort to create a well-balanced athlete.

Lacrosse Performance Training

The lacrosse program at Impact focuses on increasing size, strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. A faster, quicker, more explosive lacrosse player can make plays others cannot, so we work to improve all of those traits in all lacrosse athletes. Rotational power for shooting and endurance work are also part of every lacrosse program.

Football and Combine Performance Training

Football players need to be agile, strong, and powerful. Our football-specific training focuses on improving top-end speed, acceleration, agility, muscular endurance (Being able to perform in the 4th quarter), and mobility. To improve top-end speed and acceleration our football players train with sprint intervals, work on acceleration, agility, and footwork, along with plyometrics explosive exercises. We always make sure that our strength programs supplement, not replace, any program done at school to ensure seamless integration. Position-specific agility drills and footwork are also emphasized for football players.

Basketball Performance Training

Basketball players need to be agile and powerful if they are going to compete at high levels. Our Basketball players work on those first steps used to accelerate past defenders or cut in front of someone driving. Our jump training is developed using The Vertimax to safely and efficiently improve vertical jump height. Like many of our other sport specific programs, an individualized strength training workout for basketball players is implemented to enhance success on the court and prevent injuries.

Baseball/Softball Performance Training

We’ve created individualized Baseball/Softball programs that includes acceleration, plyometrics, and baseball specific strength training. Our baseball players focus on speed and plyometric training that is going to train their acceleration out of the box and help them snag those hard-hit balls that are usually out of reach. The comprehensive training program is also aimed toward increasing throwing velocity and bat speed while enhancing shoulder and spinal health.

Adult Performance

Our adult small-group person training programs will get you in the best shape of your life, while taking your individual needs into account.  It’s like having a personal trainer, without having to pay the price of 1-on-1 training.  We make you feel like an athlete by training with the same equipment and in the same environment as elite athletes – but all programs are modified to meet you where you are. Whether you’re an avid exercise enthusiast looking for a new challenge, or someone who wants to workout for the first time, lose weight and improve your health – we’ve got you covered and our incredibly welcoming atmosphere will make you feel right at home.   We use a mix of strength training and metabolic conditioning in our group sessions to…

Youth Performance Program

Building a solid athletic foundation at a young age is the best way to create successful athletes.  Our Youth Performance Program builds that foundation by teaching athletes 8-11 years old how to move and train properly.  By taking a long term development approach, we are able to improve speed, agility, coordination and create injury-resistant athletes.  The training is intense but is done in a fun and engaging atmosphere that builds confidence and fosters important attributes like leadership, perseverance and work ethic. The following athletic traits are addressed in the YPP: Speed Agility Coordination Teamwork & Cooperation Conditioning Core Strength Coachability Spatial Awareness The Youth Performance Program applies traditional training methods in an atmosphere that young athletes find enjoyable.  Athletes will be challenged in every session.  The expectation is for athletes…