Track and Field Performance Training

Impact Sports Performance is the ultimate program for track/field athletes and distance runners. We focus on increasing speed, power, hip strength, aerobic endurance, and most importantly, improving running technique and starts.
During the training sessions track athletes will focus most of their time on our high speed treadmill, running mechanics, and power development. During treadmill workouts, we are able to focus on technique as well as working on increasing stride length and frequency. Correct technique allows runners to decrease their times, decrease the energy they use while running, and decrease the risk of overuse injuries. Simple things like running on the balls of your feet or correcting bad habits with arm swing could be just what you need in order to decrease your times. We utilize incline running which forces athletes to run on the balls of their feet and increases hip strength and knee drive because more power is required on every stride. This process “up-regulates” the nervous system to fire harder on each stride, which ultimately means faster running speeds. Plyometrics are also performed during each workout which will help increase explosiveness for starts as well as increasing power for running and jumping. At the end of each training session, athletes also perform a customized strength & power program designed to increase force output. Programs are also customized for specific events.