While some athletes choose to mix their NFL Draft Preparation with a vacation in a warm climate, our Combine Prep program in Michigan is ALL BUSINESS.  We have everything you need for a great experience, but the most important part of your Combine Prep is RESULTS.  When an athlete needs to perform well at the Combine or Pro Day, and he’s ready to take his training seriously, he trains at Impact Sports Performance.

We have combine training down to the finest detail, giving you the opportunity to get the results you want and show NFL scouts the player that you are.  We don’t spend tons of money recruiting athletes or creating fancy marketing campaigns.  Instead, we focus our efforts on delivering results to our clients.  Athletes train with us for RESULTS and our word-of-mouth reputation from satisfied clients is all we need.  Players tell other players because they know we’re the best combine training program in Michigan.

We’ve had dozens of players sign NFL contracts, and nearly 100% of athletes that train at Impact set personal records in every drill at their Pro Day or Combine.

Our Combine Training Class of 2015 alone resulted in 11 athletes signing NFL contracts or receiving camp invites including Devin Funchess from University of Michigan being drafted in the 2nd round by the Carolina Panthers. Read this article about Director Jim Kielbaso helping Devin HERE.

Impact owner Jim Kielbaso was been hired by the University of Michigan Football Program for several years to train their graduating seniors for the NFL Combine and their NFL Pro Day. This was the first time a Power 5 football program hired an outside coach to come to campus to do NFL Draft preparation.

Jim is the author of the book Ultimate Speed & Agility, and wrote the curriculum for the Certified Speed & Agility Specialist certification through the IYCA. He produced the Complete Football Speed program, and created the video product How to Dominate Your Combine. He is highly regarded as a speed expert and is asked to speak about speed development at coaching conferences around the country including the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association, the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and the Speed & Power Summits.

Jim is the Director of the Combine Prep program, and you will be working with him every day. Unlike other programs where you might only see the director once in a while, you will be training with Jim every day.

Impact Sports Performance is located inside Total Sports Complex – Novi where we have access to three turf fields, plus the training center with two separate weight rooms.  An elite personal chef prepares meals for athletes, and we work closely with a full medical staff to help address any lingering injuries from the past. We bring in position-specific coaches to work on position drills, and our clients rave about how well-prepared they are for the position drills.

We are also conveniently located near just about anything you could need during your Combine Prep experience including shopping, restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, and just about any entertainment you can imagine.

We specialize in working with players who need to have a great performance at the Combine or their Pro Day. This is not a vacation – this is a business trip. Training with us will ensure that you peak at the right time and have the kind of day that will turn heads. We are here to get excellent results, and that is exactly what has built our reputation as being one of the best Combine Prep programs in the country. If you want to perform your best when it matters the most, Impact Sports Performance is right for you.

Please reach out directly to Jim Kielbaso at if you’d like more information.

I really enjoy training with Jim Kielbaso at Impact Sports Performance.  He definitely understands what athletes need and his training methods work.  If you get a chance to train with Jim or learn about his training methods, I absolutely recommend you take it.”
  Kyle Vanden Bosch
     3-Time NFL Pro Bowl Selection

Jim Kielbaso is great at what he does.  Every time I work with him I feel I feel fast, explosive and well conditioned.  Jim is a very knowledgeable trainer and you should start training with him now.”

  Cliff Avril – Seattle Seahawks DE

Sample Training Results

Here are just a few sample 40-yard dash improvements from Day 1 of our program compared to their Pro Day results:

Tavierre Thomas (Ferris State/Houston Texans): 4.62 to 4.38
Malik Taylor (Ferris State/Green Bay Packers): Unable to run to 4.4
Mathew Sexton (Eastern Michigan/Kansas City Chiefs): 4.59 to 4.37
Trevor Nowaske (Saginaw Valley/Detroit Lions: 4.67 to 4.41
Sy Barnett (Davenport/New Orleans Saints): 4.51 to 4.39
Darece Roberson (Wayne State/Seattle Seahawks): 4.55 to 4.33
David Talley (Grand Valley/Green Bay Packers): 4.67 to 4.46
Andy Mulumba (Eastern Michigan/Green Bay Packers): 5.02 to 4.78
Jeff Heath (Saginaw Valley/Dallas Cowboys): 4.65 to 4.45
Devin Funchess (U of Michigan/Carolina Panthers): 4.7 to 4.48
Andew Wylie (Eastern Michigan/Kansas City Chiefs): 5.5 to 5.1

Tavierre Thomas (Ferris State University DB) went from being a walk-on at Ferris to 2-time All-American. He ran a 4.62 40-yard dash at the beginning of the combine prep program, and ended up running a 4.38 at the University of Michigan Pro Day. He improved his bench press from 6 reps to 13, Pro Shuttle from 4.5 to 4.3, and Broad Jump from 9’7 to 10′ at Pro Day. This performance helped him sign an NFL contract with the Arizona Cardinals before he moved on to the Cleveland Browns, and he is now playing for the Houston Texans.

David Talley (Grand Valley State University LB) – 40 yard dash went from 4.67 pre-test to a 4.46 at his Pro Day.  Vertical Jump went from 35.5″ to 41″ at Pro Day.  Bench Press went from 16 reps to 23 reps at Pro Day.  David was signed to the Green Bay Packers and was on IR for the 2017 season because of an injury sustained in a game.

Jehu Chesson (University of Michigan WR) – 40 yard dash went from 4.56 pre-test to 4.47 at the NFL Combine.  Vertical Jump went from 33″ to 39.5″ at Pro Day.  Short Shuttle went from 4.41 pre-test to 4.09 at the NFL Combine.  Bench Press went from only 1 rep at pre-test to 10 reps at the Combine and 13 reps at Pro Day!  Jehu was originally projected as a late round draft pick or possible Free Agent, but ended up as a 4th Round Draft Pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andy Mulumba (Eastern Michigan DE) – 40 yard dash went from 5.02 pre-test to 4.78 at Pro Day.  Vertical Jump went from 29.5″ to 36.5″ at Pro Day.  Bench Press went from 18 reps pre-test to 24 at Pro Day, and dominated on his position drills.  Andy was selected as the #2 overall pick in the CFL draft, and signed with the Green Bay Packers.  He is now in his 3rd year in the NFL.

Jeff Heath (Saginaw Valley S) – 40 yard dash went from 4.65 pre-test to 4.45 at Pro Day.  Vertical Jump went from 30″ pre-test to 37″ at Pro Day and blew the scouts away on position drills.  Jeff signed with the Dallas Cowboys and is in the 1st year of his second contract.

Sean Hooey (University of Cincinnati OT) – 40 yard dash went from 5.67 pre-test to 5.25 at Pro Day. Bench Press went from 12 reps to 18 reps. Sean went from a 999 rating (not on any lists) to performing so well at his Pro Day that the St. Louis Rams signed him to a contract. He played three seasons on practice squads for the Rams, Jets and 49ers

Many athletes come to Impact Sports Performance after training elsewhere and having lackluster performances at the NFL Combine. Examples include Denver Broncos WR Bennie Fowler, who posted a 4.52 40-yard dash at the combine after training elsewhere. After training at TPTC, Bennie ran a 4.35 at this Pro Day.

Detroit Lions RB Joique Bell went to California to train for the combine and ran a 4.68. He came to TPTC for a month and ran a 4.51 at his Pro Day.

Edwin Baker of the New Orleans Saints did the same thing, running over a tenth of a second faster on his 40-yard dash after working out at TPTC for less than a month.

Check out the video below to see more of our facility and how you will be training for the combine. We offer everything that you will need including:

  • Speed Training
  • Power Development
  • Strength Training
  • Positional Drills Training
  • Housing – Apartments or Hotels
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Meal Plans
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists

We offer a variety of housing options to fit the needs and budget of each player and agency.  We will work directly with you to ensure you get exactly what you need. Novi is home to one of the largest shopping malls in America. There are movie theaters and dozens of restaurants within five minutes of the facility. This area is very safe and offers plenty to do without compromising privacy or focus.

“I had never never been able to break a 5.0 second 40-yard dash before training with Jim for my combine prep, and I really thought it was going to be a problem. I listened to everything Jim said, worked hard at all the workouts and it paid off. I ran a 4.78 at my Pro Day, signed with the Green Bay Packers and was also the #2 overall draft pick in the CFL draft. I definitely recommend you do your combine prep with Jim Kielbaso at Impact Sports Performance.”

Andy Mulumba
Green Bay Packers OLB/DE

Some of the athletes who have trained with Jim Kielbaso include:

DE Aidan Hutchinson – Detroit Lions
LB Trevor Nowaske – Detroit Lions
WR Devin Funchess – Green Bay Packers
DL Maurice Hurst – Oakland Raiders
DB Tavierre Thomas – Houston Texans
DL Lawrence Thomas – NY Jets
WR Jehu Chesson – Kansas City Chiefs
WR Alex Erickson – Cincinnati Bengals
WR Aaron Burbridge – San Francisco 49’ers
QB Jake Rudoch – Detroit Lions
S Jarrod Wilson – Jacksonville Jaguars
FB Joe Kerridge – Green Bay Packers
WR Jake Lampman – New Orleans Saints
OL Graham Glasgow – Detroit Lions
S Jeremy Clark – New York Jets
S Dymonte Thomas – Denver Broncos
LB David Talley – Green Bay Packers
LB Brady Sheldon – New York Jets
DE Brennen Beyer – Baltimore Ravens
OL Andrew Wylie – Kansas City Chiefs
TE Andrew Gleichert – Philadelphia Eagles
RB Dez Martin – Detroit Lions
OG Dan France – Cincinnati Bengals
WR Bennie Fowler – New Orleans Saints
WR Malik Taylor – Green Bay Packers
WR Mathew Sexton – Kansas City Chiefs
WR Darece Roberson – Seattle Seahawks
WR Cody White – Pittsburgh Steelers
TE Matt Sokol – New England Patriots
TE Jake Butt – Denver Broncos
LB Anthony Pittman – Detroit Lions
DB Amani Oruwariye – Detroit Lions
DB Trey Waynes – Cincinnati Bengals
RB Jonathan Kelly – Los Angeles Rams
OT Joe Barksdale – San Diego ChargersIMG_0074
DE Cliff Avril – Seattle Seahawks
DE Kyle Vanden Bosch – Detroit Lions (retired)
DL Justin Zimmer – Atlanta Falcons
TE Jason VanderLaan – New York Jets
QB Shaun Hill – Detroit Lions
C Dominic Raiola – Detroit Lions
K Jason Hanson – Detroit Lions (retired)
LS Dan Muhlbach – Detroit Lions
DT Andre Fluellen – Chicago Bears

S Scott Nelson – Seattle Seahawks
S AJ Brown – Chicago Bears
DE Amir Siddiq – BC Lions
DB Mylan Hicks – San Francisco 49ers
DT Tyler Hoover – Philadelphia Eagles
S Thomas Gordon – New York Giants
LB Cam Gordon – New England Patriots
OL Tevon Conrad – New York Jets
S Aaron Foster – Dallas Cowboys
S Mychal Swaim – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB Fitz Toussaint – Pittsburgh Steelers
DE Andy Mulumba – Green Bay Packers
S Jeff Heath – Dallas Cowboys
OG/C Darren Keyton – Detroit Lions
OT Adam Bice – Oakland Raiders
DB Damond Smith – Kansas City Chiefs
LS Adam Steiner – Arizona Cardinals
OT Sean Hooey – St. Louis Rams
S Jeremy Jones – Chicago Bears
RB Edwin Baker – Cleveland Browns
RB Joique Bell – Detroit Lions
DT Rob Calloway – Dallas Cowboys
DE Jabar Westerman – BC Lions 2nd Overall Pick in 2012 CFL Draft
WR Troy Burrell – Detroit Lions
LB Tim Shaw – Tennessee Titans
TE Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers
LB Paris Lenon – Denver Broncos
LB Charleston Hughes – Calgary Stampede
QB Steve Wasil – Tampa Bay Storm
FB Troy Hairston – Houston Texans
LS Christian Kuntz – Pittsburgh Steelers
OL Zein Obeid – Detroit Lions
QB Ben Holmes – Toronto Argonauts
DB Nick Whiteside – Washington Commanders
RB Lew Nichols – Philadelphia Eagles

Impact Sports Performance Director Jim Kielbaso is a former college strength coach and has been helping high-level athletes maximize their potential for over 20 years.  Jim is the author of the book Ultimate Speed & Agility and produced the How to Dominate Your Combine DVD.  He speaks at conferences and clinics around the country, and is an expert at combine preparation.  Training with Coach Kielbaso at Impact Sports Performance will ensure that you perform your best when it counts the most.  Follow Jim on Instagram at @JimKielbaso or email him at