MLS Next Training In-Season Training at Impact

Michigan Jaguars MLS Next athletes have the opportunity to take advantage of the In-Season MLS Next Program at Impact Sports Performance at a 33% discount! The Jags special runs from September 1st – 14th, so take advantage as soon as possible.  There is no long-term commitment involved; you can train as long as you’d like, stop at any time, or change to a different program. Details of the in-season program include:

Once-A-Week In-Season Training – $100 (normally $160). 

The In-Season MLS Next Program includes a combination of speed training, mechanics instruction, plyometrics, injury prevention, agility/footwork, strength development, flexibility, and recovery modalities.  We are able to customize the program so it’s appropriate for each athlete’s age, goals, and needs.  We understand the demands placed on MLS Next players during a competitive season, and we are able to tailor the workouts appropriately.  Learn more about our Training Philosophy.

Each session is 90 minutes and is done in small groups of less than 8 per coach.  All of our coaches have a minimum of a degree in the field, multiple certifications, and several years of experience developing athletes.  We take our profession very seriously because we know how seriously athletes take their sport.

Impact owner, Jim Kielbaso, has authored three books on training, published dozens of articles, and even produced the materials for a national recognized speed certification.  MLS Next players are incredibly busy, so our entire staff is required to have this level of knowledge and expertise to make sure each athlete is using their time/energy efficiently.

Scheduling is extremely flexible, and you’ll be able to set up your own schedule on our online scheduling platform.  Some athletes will want to train together, which is easy to do with the online scheduling system.

While there is no long-term commitment, this special allows you to lock in the $100/month price for as long as you continue training.  Once you’ve made the purchase online, give us a call at either 248-907-4520 (Novi) or 810-775-9951 (Brighton) to get started.

Click the BUY NOW button to purchase the ONCE-A-WEEK IN-SEASON TRAINING PROGRAM or call us at 248-907-4520 if you have any questions.  You can also email Jim Kielbaso at to get more details.